APIs in the iPhone SDK 4.0 - an Instance of Successful Strategy

Published: 10th June 2011
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Most of the companies deem in the formula that everything lies in providing maximum facilities to customers for achieving the 100% customer satisfaction level. Apple Inc. uses the strategies of capturing mobile market by providing latest & highly useful features to iPhone users and best iPhone application development environment to iPhone developers. Following this business enhancing technique Apple Inc. has released new APIs in the iPhone SDK 4.0. Providing the latest and enhanced is the key of success and long survival in the market as well as understanding the exact expectations of the users plays a vital role. Apple Inc. has recovered very swiftly in providing, which was lacking in the previous versions of the SDK, means the features and APIs that were missing are now available to help iPhone developers / programmers for robust iPhone application development. Customization is vital in the iPhone apps and with the new APIs in the iPhone SDK 4.0 one can customize iPhone apps according to his specific needs.

Well, there are many that can help iPhone user to manage routine operations of day as well he can save time and very importantly all are available in the single device. This magical device can fulfill as many wishes of the user. The new APIs in the iPhone SDK 4.0 are:

Calendar Access that allows using an event kit to customize calendar applications and one can create & edit the important events directly in calendar application. Creation of starting and ending time of events is also possible with this API.
In-App SMS offers the facility of creating SMS messages within the application for sending directly, which is similar to Mail compose sheet of iPhone SDK 3.0.
Photo Library Access API allows user the direct access to all photos & videos on iPhone with the help of Media Library APIs.
Video playback & Capture API help those professional users that need better control over the creation and playing audio-video content, it is enhanced API that allow much better control on video playback & video capturing actions.
Map Kit Improvements API is created for providing better experience with MAP navigations such as user can easily recognize various regions on the map via overlays. Moreover, user can draw routes and make notes in custom manner and perform other map related work according to need.
Quick Look API is time saver element that allows users to preview documents (email attachments), opening the whole document is not needed now.

The innovations and introduction of new releases is a key of success. Presently, iPhone developers / programmers are using APIs in the iPhone SDK 4.0 for robust iPhone application development. Enthusiastic iPhone users are enhancing their existing iPhone apps with the missing features of older version..

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